Causes of vehicle fires

What we must not do is jump to conclusions we must undertake a systematic investigation. Take information and use it with your investigation not instead of your investigation.
- Richard Dunbar
Some Thoughts

The research over the years has shown that in collisions of motor vehicles there is around  1% chance of a fire.  This was based on hydrocarbon fires and the evolution of electric vehicles may change that.

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Design & manufacturing

We know that problems in design and manufacturing can lead to the incidence of fire, hence we have recalls and ongoing research, this is why it is so important to undertake a full and proper fire investigation.

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What people do in their vehicles, what people fit or use in their vehicles and how people look after their vehicles all have the potential to be the cause of a fire

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People say you can't

Most delegates that attend our vehicle fire investigation courses say that they usually attend total burn outs and it is almost impossible to find a point of origin let alone a cause.  We have never said it was easy but using a systematic approach you have a better chance.  The vehicle here was a total burn out, in fact there was no fire service involvement, it burnt itself out.  All of the delegates on the course in a relatively short investigation time identified the point of origin. 
Total burn out

Yes you can