Vehicle Fire Investigation Course


Whatever the cause, whether accidental or deliberate we need to know the point of origin if possible, then we will be closer to ascertain probable cause.

Courses  in Nenagh, Ireland

Courses for 2022 at Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh, Ireland.  7, 8 and 9 June 20, 21 and 22 September

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To develop the skills needed to investigate vehicles involved in fire incidents. This course will be of particular interest to Police Officers of the Collision/Accident Investigation Department, Counter Terrorism Officers (car bomb incidents), Vehicle Examiners, Forensic Science Officers, Fire Officers, SOCO’s, Manufacturers, Vehicle Inspectors and Insurance Investigators.
 Engine fire kept back by fire wall and windscreen


Why bother

It is only a car or lorry or bike and it is insured!

We can only tackle the causes of vehicle fires, whether they be caused by a collision, carelessness, design, servicing fault or deliberate ignition if we investigate fires correctly.  It is not always possible to find the cause but an investigator can rule out some causes and identify the point os origin.  By investigating we can improve vehicle design and education and sometimes bring people to justice where a crime has been committed.

 Good afternoon. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for what was a most enjoyable two day course. The course was fantastically delivered with an excellent balance of theory and all important practical exercises to get the old grey matter playing mental twister. The sharing of your teams immense knowledge and the encouragement to get stuck in and investigate on the practical exercises was so refreshing. I will approach investigations with a newfound enthusiasm going forward and will certainly be recommending the course to field based colleaguesRegards
Trevor Lee, VW Group Ireland

Each delegate will have an understanding and working knowledge of: 
  • What fire is 
  • The importance of sympathetic fire fighting to enable evidence identification and gathering 
  • The systematic approach to fire investigation 
  • Burn patterns and fire loading Identifying point or points of origin 
  • The use of accelerants and ignition methods Reading the fire scene 
  • What the witness or witnesses can tell about the fire 
  •  Detailed look at alternative fuelled vehicles, causes of fire and safety. 
  • Opportunity to discuss individual projects in a group setting 
  • Case studies covering murder and some accidental fire incidents 
  • Practical fire investigation on vehicles (minimum 4) 
  • Reference to ISO 17020 and the Streamlined Forensic Reporting 
  • How other agencies can affect the investigation 
  •  The course is approved Stage 1 for Zurich Insurance