Fire Safety Consultancy

Fire has been a good friend to us, but it can prove fatal when it is out of control and not managed.  Throughout the world loss of life in fire has often meant the call for tighter controls and better planning.  The nightclub fire in Brazil where 237 people died resulted in arrests, mourning and left many families devastated.  Grenfell Tower where the enquiries and investigations are continuing and the countless large fires resulting in loss of buildings, businesses and livelihoods. With lithium ion batteries we enter a new chapter of risk and we need to assess it and make sure we have the proper control measures in place. From offices and shops to car parks and airports, we can advise globally.  

Clear routes?

The very sad fact is that most fires need not have happen. With good fire safety, good management and risk assessments, people can live, work and play in safety.  The Fire Risk Assessment takes a holistic view of all risks where people are.  It looks at means of raising the alarm, automatic detection, emergency lighting and automatic extinguishment, fire extinguishers, fire risks, fire compartmentalisation and, very importantly, means of escape and training of staff and individuals.  No country is immune to fire disaster and not all fires result in a loss of life, but they will affect the business in some way.  It could be a minor interruption in opening hours or long-term closure for repairs.  It could mean that the business will not survive at all.  We tend to think of fire as flames, but in many cases, it is the smoke that kills and the smoke that does much of the damage. Another factor cannot be ignored, water damage by firefighting operations, it is increasingly evident that services are reluctant to enter buildings and prefer to use the safer tactic of applying water from external points, often several tonnes per minute causing floors to collapse.  Hotel rooms may smell of smoke for a considerable while after which will deter guests, and business can be affected, not just locally, but internationally where organisations are global.

Probably the last thing you want to hear is a load of legislation and how long you could spend in prison or the cost of the fine for non-compliance.  I am sure you would want to know how you can make your building/business or event safe, compliant and above all have the ability to stay functioning.

Our people have over 50 years of experience together in fire prevention and safety, firefighting and investigation.   We can provide training in how to undertake risk assessments (face to face or distance), provide feedback on your fire risk assessments, provide some advice on plan and give unbiased advice on how to achieve good overall fire safety.

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