Alternative Fuelled Vehicle Courses

IMI Certified Courses for Response, Recovery, Investigation & Storage.

New Chapter in Transportation - Our move away from fossil fuels to help reduce the damage being caused to the environment brings new challenges to first responders, recovery agents, vehicle examiners, scenes of crime investigation, stolen vehicle examiners, assessors, repair facilities, storage yards, car parks and disposal of these vehicles. We have, for the last 5 years been studying alternative fuelled vehicles and now adds various courses to ensure that operatives understand the risk and how to undertake dynamic risk assessments.
- Richard Dunbar

The Range of Courses

IMI L2 Post Accident Recovery

IMI L3 Post Accident Incident Managers - Recovery

Fire Risk Assessments for parking, charging or repair

IMI L3 AFV Incident Management


Police Roads Policing

Police Vehicle Examiners

Police Stolen Vehicle Investigators

Insurance Assessors

Cat 1 Responders (Police/Fire/Ambulance)

Recovery Operators

Highways Agency

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