Nimbus Fire Fighting Systems

Nimbus Fire Fighting Solutions, is an extremely versatile, revolutionary fire fighting tactic. It can deal with most fire incidents more effectively than existing systems. Using very little water and relying on the scientifically proven misting technique,  there is minimal or no water damage and no dirty water run off.  Most significantly, it will save fire fighters’ lives by eliminating backdraft and flashover.

Nimbus Fire Fighting Solutions is the only supplier in the world that  offers a range of piercing (cutting) systems that can deal with the complexities of fire situations and meets most budgets. It also offers the most versatile system ever designed and will deal with the wide range of fires that 21st century fire services are faced with.  We offer enhanced fire fighter safety, best chance of property damage limitation and the only system that can make a credible attack on thatch and roof void fires.  Nimbus would stop this – either with a fixed or mobile system.

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