Fire Safety News

Discussion Points

On this page we intend to offer some news and points regarding fire safety in buildings. Hopefully it will assist people to undertake fire risk assessments or fire management roles more effectively.  If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to make contact with us.  

Firefighters killed

10 years ago two Hampshire UK, Firefighters were killed in a flat fire by getting trapped by wires that been affixed to the ceiling by plastic fittings.  The wire coverings and fittings melted and the resulting tangle of copper wires snagged on the fire fighters equipment and they were trapped.  9 years later the electrical regulations were amended to ensure that such wires were held in place by metal fixings thereby removing the risk. On a fire risk assessment an assessor should be aware of dangerous aspects like this, they should take, in the UK Health and Safety Executives words, a HOLISTIC view, in other words, everything  that presents a hazard.   Fire risk assessments cover the safety of people working or visiting the premises but also can include emergency responders. The report on the Shirley Towers fire is available on line. The below pictures are from a hotel basement taken in 2018, this is a hazard.